Freedom Community Church has a collection of multimedia including photo galleries and videos hosted on Vimeo . Please feel free to peruse the media and enjoy the documentation of God working      through the lives of the members of Freedom Community Church!

   Sermon Notes:

    -June 17, 2018: “Inside Out” -Joy

    -June 10, 2018: “Christian” -Baptism Celebration

    -June 3, 2018: “Christian” -Sharing

    -May 20, 2018: “Christian”- Knowing God

   -May 13, 2018: “Christian”-Grace and Truth

   -May 6, 2018: “Christian” -A Life Worth Dying For

   -April 29, 2018: “Listening” 


Loch Lomond Freedom Center

Loch Lomond Baptist Church, Freedom Community Church and Iglesias Monte de Sion have united together to serve the community with the opening of the Loch Lomond Freedom Center and Food Pantry.

VBS 2017

#FreedomCares Project - VBS 2017

Community Outreach

#FreedomCares Project - Back 2 School Bash and Easter Block Party

Virginia Beach Mission Trip - 2017

#FreedomCares Project - Virginia Beach Mission Trip

Streetlight Ministries

#FreedomCares Project - Streetlight Ministries

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Christmas Adopt-a-Family - 2015

#FreedomCares Project - Christmas Adopt-a-Family