Where and when are services at Freedom Community Church?

We meet each Sunday morning at Penn Elementary School at 10:00 am. We have signs throughout the area pointing to the school. There is opportunity to get to know our members prior to the service over coffee and donuts.

Is there a dress code?

Just as Christ invites us to come to Him just as we are, so we invite you to visit us wearing whatever is comfortable to you. We meet in a casual setting and worship together in a casual way. Many of our members wear jeans to service.

What is the service like?

Our worship is contemporary. Our messages are biblically based and relevant to practical living. Our service is open and friendly. Fellowship, learning, and worship. A great start to find freedom today.

What do you have for children?

Our children begin the worship service in song with us and then have the opportunity to go to a children’s church where they are taught biblical principles and stories through activities and fun.

Is the service an hour long?

Yes, usually. We routinely finish our service around 11:00 am. After we meet for service we fellowship at a local restaurant for lunch.

Do you have Sunday School?

As a growing church plant we do not currently have any Sunday School options available. However, we do have some small groups that meet throughout the week called Life Groups. Each Life Group is different but focuses on bible study.

Do I have to give?

We do not require anything from visitors or members alike. We are a church that is supported through giving. However, we serve a mighty God who has never failed to meet the needs of our church plant when needed. Giving to the church is an act of worship and left between God and the giver.

How much attention will be on me as a visitor?

Of course our members will want to meet you and greet you. We all wear name tags to help us in getting to know one another. However, there is no special part of the service where visitors are singled out and asked to say a few words. At Freedom Community Church we are casual in our approach to worship and service. But that doesn’t make it any less powerful and meaningful.

Will someone contact me?

We have Connect Cards that we use to communicate with our visitors. We will not randomly show up your home. If you desire to meet with someone from the church we will reach out as you request.